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Tisha Stone Commercial Real Estate Arnold and Associates

Tisha Stone

SALES ASSOCIATE | 409.658.0330

Tisha Stone Commercial Realtor Arnold and Associates Coldwell Banker Commercial Beaumont Texas

Meet Tisha Self-Stone, a dynamic professional with an infectious energy and a genuine passion for commercial real estate. Her dedication to customer satisfaction goes beyond expectations, and she consistently delivers what she promises. Tisha’s exceptional management skills and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned her a coveted position on the esteemed Deb Cowart team, known for its remarkable achievements within Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates (CBCAAA). With a true spirit for service and a strong background in diverse industries, she is an asset to the team and is ready to help you embark on your next real estate adventure.

In her early career, Tisha worked for an extreme sports company, where she served as the regional east coast manager for seven years. She traveled the world, taking on the responsibility of selling, recruiting, and sponsoring new athletes. Tisha then joined her family's business in the automotive industry. For over 13 years, she worked in various capacities, starting as a salesperson and gradually advancing to roles such as sales manager, finance director, general manager, BDC director, and fleet manager. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication carried over to each department, earning her a reputation as a versatile and highly valued team member. Her work experience honed her salesmanship and relationship-building skills, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the value of exceptional customer service and prepared her for a successful career in commercial real estate.

When Tisha obtained her real estate license and joined the prestigious CBCAAA she was quickly recognized for her exceptional service mindset and commitment to excellence. She has found a natural fit within the Deb Cowart team. Deb Cowart's impressive record of accomplishments, ranking among the top 2% of CBC Nationwide and seventh highest producer globally, serves as inspiration for Tisha to continually strive for greatness in her own career. Tisha’s enthusiasm, coupled with her service-oriented approach, makes her a trusted and reliable associate at CBCAAA. She is deeply committed to understanding her clients' unique needs and delivers personalized solutions that exceed their expectations. With her contagious smile and positive attitude, Tisha creates an atmosphere of trust and ensures a smooth and enjoyable real estate experience for her clients. Her passion for commercial real estate, coupled with her commitment to delivering exceptional results, sets her apart as a dynamic and service-minded professional ready to assist you in achieving your goals




9 AM - 5 PM


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