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Full-Service Capabilities.

​​CBC Arnold & Associates offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the real estate industry. From property acquisition and disposition to financial analysis, distressed asset management, and tax credit expertise, they are a one-stop solution for clients seeking guidance and support in the complex world of commercial real estate.​​

  • Acquisition and Disposition

  • Business Brokerage

  • Investment Analysis

  • Distressed Assets

  • Landlord/Seller Representation

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • Property Management

  • Relocation Services

  • Site Selection

  • Tenant/Buyer Representation

  • Historical Tax Credit

  • 1031 Exchanges 

Acquisition and Disposition:

Acquisition: This service involves helping clients identify and purchase suitable real estate properties. It includes market analysis, property search, due diligence, negotiation, and closing.

Disposition: On the flip side, CBC Arnold & Associates assists clients in selling their real estate assets. This encompasses valuation, marketing, buyer screening, negotiation, and closing.

Business Brokerage:

CBCAAA facilitates the sale of businesses, including mergers and acquisitions. They leverage their expertise to connect buyers and sellers, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.

Investment Analysis:

CBCAAA provides in-depth financial analysis to help clients make informed investment decisions. They evaluate potential real estate opportunities for their clients, considering factors such as ROI, cash flow, and risk.

Distressed Assets:

This service specializes in handling distressed real estate assets, which may involve foreclosures, short sales, or properties in financial distress. CBCAAA can guide clients through the complexities of these transactions.

Landlord/Seller Representation:

CBCAAA represents landlords and sellers in leasing and selling their properties. They create marketing strategies, negotiate lease/sale terms, and manage the transaction process on behalf of their clients.

Market Research and Analysis

CBCAAA conducts comprehensive market research to keep clients informed about current trends, property values, and opportunities. This data-driven approach guides clients in making strategic decisions.

Property Management:

Property management services involve overseeing the day-to-day operations of real estate assets. CBCAAA can handle tasks like maintenance, tenant relations, and financial management, ensuring properties perform optimally.

Relocation Services:

CBCAAA assists individuals and businesses in relocating to new properties or markets. They help with site selection, negotiations, and the logistics of moving to a new location.

Site Selection:

CBCAAA helps clients identify and select the most suitable sites for their real estate needs. Whether it's for development, a new business location, or investment, they provide expert guidance.

Tenant/Buyer Representation:

On the flip side of landlord/seller representation, CBCAAA represents tenants and buyers in their search for ideal properties. They negotiate terms, conduct due diligence, and guide clients through the purchase or lease process.

Historical Tax Credit:

CBCAAA can assist clients in taking advantage of historical tax credits available for the renovation and preservation of historic properties. This service helps clients maximize financial incentives while preserving historical landmarks.

1031 Exchanges:

A 1031 exchange is a powerful tax-deferral strategy for real estate investors. CBCAAA helps clients navigate this complex process, allowing them to sell one property and reinvest the proceeds into a like-kind property without incurring immediate capital gains taxes.

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