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Donna Lively Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates

Donna Lively

DIRECTOR OF IT | 409.833.5055

Donna Lively is a dedicated and accomplished IT professional with a remarkable 25+ years of experience in the information technology sector. Her expertise lies in formulating, executing, and overseeing a diverse spectrum of IT solutions, driving operational efficiency, boosting productivity, and yielding exceptional business outcomes. Her unique combination of profound technical knowledge and robust leadership skills positions her as a valuable asset in both technical and managerial capacities.

President and Lead Broker

One of Donna's notable accomplishments lies in her proficiency in crafting secure and tailored database applications. These applications were designed to house university records, optimizing space utilization and facilitating effortless retrieval. With over 30 customized databases created for diverse university departments, she catered to specific departmental requirements while ensuring compliance with essential industry standards like HIPAA.

Demonstrating her ability to oversee projects from conceptualization through to successful execution, Donna possesses a robust comprehension of industry best practices. Her adept leadership was exemplified through her mentorship of cross-functional teams. By fostering a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development, she achieved remarkable results. Moreover, Donna's extensive experience encompasses providing comprehensive training in various Microsoft applications and proprietary software.

In summary, Donna Lively is an experienced IT professional with a proven record of achievements spanning more than two decades. Her strategic vision, adept technical skills, and leadership prowess have consistently delivered value. As a seasoned practitioner, she continues to drive innovation, improve operational excellence, and steer projects to successful outcomes in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.




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