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Multifamily residential properties can be a lucrative investment and provide a stable long-term income opportunity. Properties range from a two-unit duplex to large apartment complexes with elaborate amenities and services. Because renting is an attractive and affordable option for today’s mobile workforce, multifamily properties are experiencing high demand.

Coldwell Banker Commercial® affiliated multifamily professionals are well-versed in the unique trends, opportunities and challenges that shape successful multifamily transactions.


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The most common type of multifamily commercial property, apartments are wholly owned by one owner and individual units are rented to tenants. While apartments are sometimes called condos to appeal to a more affluent audience, true condominium buildings are owned jointly among the condo owners through the condominium association.


The simplest type of multifamily, a duplex is a building divided into two separate units. Similarly, a triplex includes three units, while a fourplex includes four. Each unit has its own private entrance. Units are often side by side but can also be stacked.


This detached structure includes multiple dwellings, often with a shared entry. Many multiplexes can appear from the street as a large single-family home.

Your Trusted Guide

Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliated professionals have access to local, national and international market data and industry trends, which means you’ll have access to the critical information you need to make informed decisions. With deep connections across the industry and in local communities, your CBC advisor can open the door to potential investors and tenant, wherever they may be located.

If you are selling a property, CBC professionals can help you maximize the value of your assets through property rehabilitation and marketing. When buying, they can assist you in making an informed acquisition decision and finding the right opportunity. For owners of multiple properties, CBC professionals can help evaluate your portfolio based on current market conditions and future trends for each specific location.

Our Services

Look to the Coldwell Banker Commercial network to assist with all your industrial real estate needs. Our services include:

  • Acquisitions – CBC affiliated professionals can help with all your acquisition needs, from identifying your ideal investment to conducting physical and legal due diligence.

  • Consulting – Our experienced advisors can help you reach your growth goals with personalized solutions for multifamily owners and developers.

  • Dispositions – Your CBC affiliated professional will work with you to optimize properties before sale with strategic marketing and analysis.

  • Due Diligence/Feasibility Studies – We offer customized and comprehensive insights for buyers and owners.

  • Investment Analysis – We help clients make confident investments backed by in-depth evaluations and market research.

  • Market Surveys/Analysis – CBC affiliated professionals can help you find multifamily investments with expert research.

  • Property Management – Our advisors can work with you to identify opportunities to upgrade management and business technology systems for a better ROI.

  • Property Marketing Strategy – Your CBC professional can help you reach the ideal target audience with a creative marketing strategy.

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