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Ayca Sivrikoz Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates Sales Agent Houston Texas

SALES ASSOCIATE | 713-838-6666

Ayca is an esteemed commercial real estate agent. Her journey began with a distinguished tenure in the petrochemical industry, where she thrived as a petroleum engineer and project lead at Shell International. Her exceptional expertise and achievements in this field served as a solid foundation for her transition into the nuanced realm of industrial real estate.

With a rare combination of academic prowess and hands-on industry experience, Ayca holds a BSc in Petroleum Engineering and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. Her academic journey not only honed her technical acumen but also provided her with a comprehensive understanding of international industrial projects. Beyond engineering, she ventured into diverse arenas, including the marble import business and residential real estate, amplifying her expertise across varied sectors.

Ayca's journey seamlessly merges her petroleum engineering background with a specialized focus on the unique requirements of industrial entities. Her strategic shift into real estate is a testament to her adaptability and multifaceted skill set. Today, as a seasoned professional at Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates, Ayca adeptly navigates the dynamic and complex industrial property development sector. Her international perspective, complemented by dual citizenship in Turkey and the USA, grants her a unique edge in understanding the intricate needs of clients operating on a global scale. Ayca's approach is marked by a commitment to leveraging her diverse skill set and deep industry insights to serve her clients with unparalleled dedication and expertise. As a representative of Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates, Ayca is dedicated to guiding and representing clients across the Houston area, offering astute counsel and strategic solutions in industrial and commercial real estate transactions.




9 AM - 5 PM


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