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A native of Southeast Texas with a true spirit for service, Tisha Self is a graduate of Hardin Jefferson High School. From there, she attended San Diego State University, where she studied Psychology and Business Administration, with a minor in English Literature.

For seven years, Tisha worked for No Fear, an extreme sports company, serving as the Regional East Coast Manager, where she traveled the world charged with the responsibility for selling, recruiting and the sponsoring of new athletes.

To further sharpen her business skills, Tisha began working for her father in the family business where she sold cars, trucks and tractors. As always, her enthusiasm carried over to each department, where she worked as a sales person, a sales manager, finance director, general manager, BDC director, a fleet manager and anything else the business may have needed over the course of 13 years. Tisha is an enthusiastic, service-minded associate here at CBCAAA and is ready to assist you in your next adventure! 

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