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With an impressive portfolio of industrial projects, CBCAAA has played an integral role in shaping the landscape of this bustling region. Comprehensive knowledge of the local industrial market, coupled with strong industry connections, enables us to identify lucrative opportunities that align with the investment goals of clients.

Southeast Texas is experiencing unprecedented growth, with $80 billion worth of current and planned industrial projects, over $4.5 billion projected in infrastructure projects and more than $460 million in commercial and retail projects.

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Recognizing the impact of these developments on the commercial real estate landscape, CBCAAA is well-versed in leveraging this infrastructure boom to unlock substantial investment potential. By staying updated on the latest infrastructure initiatives, including transportation networks, logistics hubs, and utility expansions, our team can effectively guide clients towards strategic investments that capitalize on the state's rapid expansion. CBCAAA possesses an extensive background in commercial and retail real estate. We understand the unique demands and opportunities within this sector.


From identifying prime retail locations to assisting clients in procuring commercial spaces in thriving districts, we provide comprehensive services that align with the diverse needs of businesses seeking to establish a presence in the vibrant Texas market. Texas proudly hosts the headquarters of 53 Fortune 500 companies, representing a diverse range of industries. CBCAAA can leverage this deep-rooted business ecosystem to forge connections, cultivate valuable relationships, and secure lucrative opportunities for clients. By tapping into this network, we are uniquely positioned to advise on commercial real estate investments that align with the strategic goals of these influential corporations.

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